Field Crew member


The field crews main focus is on the summer field production and fall/winter storage crops. They are responsible for coordinating seeding, transplanting, and harvesting dates; soil fertility and plant heath; and weeding. This position is a year around position from May 1 – November 15 with 30-40 hours a week expected, Monday-Friday with hours depending on the season. This is a learning position, in which you will work with each of the managers throughout the course of the season in each specialty.

Job Duties outline:


  • Making sure seeding is carried out on time
  • Keeping seed organized and up to date
  • Caring for and running propagation house
  • Maintaining seeding and field fertility records


  • Working with other crew members to coordinate timing of transplanting and amount of help needed.
  • Managing preparatory and post-transplant work (ex; irrigation, foliar feeding, or side dressing)


  • Harvesting
  • Understanding our client’s preferences and quantity demands and working with the farm manager to meet and increase farm sales.
  • Coordinating with other crew members for all harvest needs.
  • Maintaining harvest records

Soil fertility and plant health:

  • Collaborating with farm manager and greenhouse manager on fertility plans as well as plant health issues.
  • Executing/delegating help needed to carry out fertility plans and plant health solutions.



  • Keeping weeds to a minimum
  • Using innovative techniques to control weed pressure
  • Organizing major crop weeding days
  • Keeping edges of fields mowed


  • Starting Pay: $10-13
  • Farm lunch provided 3 days a week
  • Small veggie CSA