Farm Store Pricing Guide

This is a list of our current prices for products in our farm store and for our year round membership sign up. For year round member please take 5% off the price of the items when calculating your cost for share add-ons.

We stock plenty of our fresh veggies, mushrooms, and eggs year round!

The list below is just of products we bring in from other local businesses.

Local Meat:
Starbird Salmon – $20/lb fillets skin on (approximately 8oz)
Starbird Salmon – $15/lb Burger Meat
(1lb package)
Maple Wind Farm : NON-GMO Pasture raised Poultry
Boneless Chicken Breast – $11.25/lb
Wings – $4.85/lb
Drum Sticks – $5.80/lb
Thighs – $7.80/lb
Whole Chickens – $5.45/lb
Pigusus Meats – NON-GMO Pasture raised Pork
Maple Breakfast Sausage (8 links) – $12/lb
Italian Sausage Sweet or Spicy (4 links) – $12/lb
Chorizo Sausage (4 links) – $12/lb
Pork Chops – $8.45/lb
Country Ribs – $8.45/lb
Maple Wind Farm Grass Feed Ground Beef – $8/lb
Betsy’s Gourmet Goat Meat – $13/lb
Betsy’s Gourmet Lamb Meat – $13/lb
Vermont bean Crafters Veggie Burgers – $5
Local Pantry Items:
Field Stone Farm – Frozen Pizzas – $15 -$17
Sobremesa Ferments – $9
Carrier Coffee – $14 Chit Chat or Deep Thought 12oz
Brookfield Bees:
Maple Syrup – $11
Honey 2lb – $16
Benito’s Hot Sauce – $5
Phoughgate Creamery Butter – $7
Local Dairy & Flour:
Rogers Farmstead:
Certified Organic Dairy Products and Flour
Whole Milk – $5
Yogurt – $5
Pancake Mix – $6