Farm Fresh Eggs – CSA Add-On

2020 Spring Eggs Add-on April – June (10 Pick ups)

2020 Summer Eggs Add-on June – October (20 Pick ups)

2020 Fall Eggs Add-on October – December (10 Pick ups)

2021 Winter Eggs Add-on January-March (6 Pick ups)

One Dozen Large eggs, Multi colored, raised on Pasture, mushroom compost, farm veggie scraps and fed Morrison’s certified organic feed. (ungraded)

Receive a dozen eggs each pick-up or 2 dozen your choice or Every other week.

Our Eggs are produced on our farm by our lovely Chicken co-workers who help to restore soil health and increase fertility.

All of our hens are organically fed a mix of grains and plenty of veggie scraps from the farm! As well as fresh pasture and fields to graze on. Allowing chickens to forage on pasture gives them a diversity of plants and bugs to eat, which in return makes the eggs you eat taste better and are healthier for you.

They live in a mobile coop at night so they are safe and range freely with plenty of fresh grass Sunlight, and vegetation which makes them very happy and healthy!

1 dozen – CSA ($5/dozen) – normal pricing $6.50-7