Farm Fresh Eggs – CSA Add-On

2020 Summer Eggs Add-on June – October (20 Pick ups)

2020 Fall Eggs Add-on October – December (10 Pick ups)

2021 Winter Eggs Add-on January-March (6 Pick ups)

Please note we do not offer Eggs for an add-on in the spring as that is when our chickens need to rest. We will still have some eggs for sale at pick up, market or at the farm store.

One Dozen Large eggs, raised on Pasture and fed Morrison’s certified organic feed. (ungraded)

Receive a dozen eggs each pick-up or 2 dozen your choice.

Our Eggs are produced on our farm by our lovely Chicken co-workers who help to restore soil health and increase fertility.

All of our hens are organically fed a mix of grains and plenty of veggie scraps from the farm! As well as fresh pasture and fields to graze on. Allowing chickens to forage on pasture gives them a diversity of plants and bugs to eat, which in return makes the eggs you eat taste better and are healthier for you.

They live in a mobile coop at night so they are safe and range freely with plenty of fresh grass Sunlight, and vegetation which makes them very happy and healthy!

1 dozen – ($5/dozen) – normal pricing $7